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About us


JAX HealthCare Foundation is a student body including individuals from National and International Universities who are working for the cancer awareness and believes that all people living with cancer have the right to access the best treatment and support. Through personalized access to services, quality training and education, we aim to help the forbearing by providing them with the essentials and work opportunities to live their life with utmost dignity and hope. Our services are global and multifaceted. Our partnerships and associations with numerous industries, non-governmental agencies, health care providers and various cancer organizations across the globe help us support the masses, providing them with effective solutions for access to treatment.


J for Juvenescent(Being Youthful)
A for Awareness
X for Xenodochial(Hospitals for Strangers)

The Jax foundation has been founded by Mr Jitendra Kumar who is currently pursuing M.Sc in immunology. The founder was deeply touched by the death of a closely related kin, who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer (Bronchogenic Carcinomas). His death struck him very hard as he could not provide any sort of assistance to his family member. He came up with the idea of Jax Healthcare Foundation so as to cease the suffering of many who were going through similar situations. He approached his friends and together they built the pillars of the foundation. They slowly gathered more people to help them set up the whole Jax Healthcare Foundation. The foundation grew with his hard work and support from the members. The foundation is slowly spreading its roots and will soon turn into an established organization if we progress at the same pace. The founder gives just one advice to his co -workers never settle and that is just enough to keep up their spirits. Since then we have been organizing events, gathering people to support us in this noble cause. Amity University has been a constant supporter and became the basic platform for us to start and we gathered our volunteers who slowly spread word to other national and international universities.


  • Providing education and raising awareness about the cancer, its various types, treatment and prevention as a part of preventive health care and measures.
  • Providing pre-eminent medical aid to the patients with financial and medical assistance.
  • Proper guidance and counseling to the patients at all possible levels.
  • To work as a united body functioning without any conformities.


Our vision is to have a cancer free world and outreach the masses leaving no stone left unturned, especially the poor people who cannot afford the expensive treatment of cancer.


We understand how overwhelming it can be when you or your loved one is coping with cancer.

The jax health care Newsletter was developed to ease some of the burden of this "information overload," by featuring various topics in an easy-to-understand format.

Press & Media

We are happy to work with members of the press who helped to share our mission with the world. Here are some quick facts which was included in every press release or news item:

Amity radio:

Happy Republic Day!

Thank you everyone and Radio amity 107.8 FM has given an opportunity to aware people about JAX HealthCare Foundation which is working for cancer awareness at community level. Thank you Shikha Ma'am.

Amity's "Sangathan 2013- Inter Institutional Sports Meet" came to end with the launch of its first state-of -the-art Community Radio Station- 'Radio Amity'. The FM radio station was launched by Ashok K Chauhan, founder president which will be on air 24 hours on 107.8 MHz and managed by students of Amity University.

'Radio Amity' intends to cater to health, educational, environmental, community development, cultural and social welfare, entertainment and awareness and other significant matters. The radio station has its own broadcasting, production and recording facilities as well as transmission.

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Annual Report

Jax healthcare foundation has reached a few milestones that we are proud to report .free healthcare and medical facilities is made available to the underprivileged and poor cancer patients.further we reached out the goal of helping the cancer patients by providing basic facilities to some extent.
what next for Jax healthcare foundation?.with your continued effort the sky is limit

The Jax Foundation organizes various events to educate people about cancer and spread awareness. Through the activities of Jax Foundation we try to bridge the gap that exists in cancer public health, education, human resource development, cancer survivor issues etc.

One such event was organised in the slum areas of Mansarovar Park, Delhi. A drama was performed by our volunteers which addressed the topic the hazards of smoking , followed by an active question-answer session with the children and people present there.

Our volunteers also went for various hospital visits to meet the patients suffering from cancer and helped them in every possible way. The foundation is also raised funds for the treatment of patients below the poverty line.

Our Foundation comprises of various departments dealing with office work, cultural events, counselling etc.

We involved different types of support and tasks which was a lot more than charity which was a micracle feeling felt by whole hearted helping. we had several ways to help and manage all the duties of a care giver to help and coodinate the cancer patients to provide effective care. Caring for a person with cancer seemt complex and like too much to cope with at first, depending upon the personís need, the JAX foundation provided different types of support such as, emotional support, help with medical care, assist with financial issues, serve as the communicator between the patient and the healthcare team.